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28 April / 19 May 2018  

 Mon/Sat 10.00/17.00 (closed 7 May)  


Earth Matters


Patricia Brownen 

Claire Passmore
Jane Barker   

Colin Brandi
Lizzie Godden  

Louise Watson
Liz Brooke Ward  

Deborah Pawle
Dominic Hewitt  

Liz Hewitt
Stephanie Wooster  

Rosemary Cochrane
Carla Mines

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Internationally acclaimed and award-winning quilters Claire Passmore and Liz Brooke Ward are among 13 south-west artists showing at Bristol Guild Gallery. Through tapestries, weaving, quilting and embroidery Transformation: Earth Matters explores evolutionary, natural change and also how artists intervene to create new uses for found objects. Jeweller Rosemary Cochrane works with silver metal clay to create sophisticated, almost pure silver jewellery in textures and patterns that express seasonal transformations. Tapestry weaver Deborah Pawle has integrated discarded plastics in works both of beauty and functionality. Lizzie Godden makes her own plant-based dyes, dyeing and over-dyeing, incorporating found and forgotten objects in gorgeous ‘slow art’ textiles.

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